“We moved from Newquay to Bissoe in 2014, in order to get a bit of land and live the ‘good life’. I was also keen to rekindle my love for beekeeping after having previously helped my parents look after a couple of hives back in the early 90s, pre-varroa days.

Of course things have changed dramatically since. Although I’m still relatively inexperienced, I’m keen to learn more about this fascinating subject, especially the more ‘bee friendly’ and sustainable ways of bee husbandry without the use of chemicals.

I presently run 4 Rose hives and have just taken on looking after the apiary at Heligan. I believe this is a great learning tool for us all and enables us to share our different approaches and experiences.

Other interests are Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking and Road Cycling and most importantly… enjoying life!”