We were blessed with amazing weather, for our 2nd apiary inspection of the season.

Many thanks for the 10 eager beekeepers for attending and great to see so many new faces again.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much bee action since our last visit, some 5 weeks ago, due to the unseasonably cold weather we have been having.

Hive No.1 (Rose Hive) – This only had a handful of bees occupying it after the first spring inspection and was now completely empty. Full of good clean come, we added some lemon grass oil at the entrance and set it up as a bait hive. Nothing to lose by trying.

Hive No.2 (Rose Hive) -This has been the strongest colony for the past 4 years, and just seems to keep going from strength to strength. The 5th super added on our last visit, was already ¾ full, which considering the conditions is pretty amazing. Bees Very Calm

Hive No.3 (Rose Hive) – Starting to draw comb in the recently added super but not much progression from the last inspection. Bees Very Calm

Hive No.4 (National Hive) – Again some migration into the 3rd super added on the last visit but nothing to warrant a further addition. Loads of pollen being carried in. Bees Very Calm

Hive No.5 (Hex Hive) – This has been set up as a bait hive with empty comb on Top Bars. Not surprising that it hadn’t attracted a swarm yet. Added a small dab of lemon grass oil as an additional attractant.

Tree Hive – We went and visited the empty tree hive in the neighbouring orchard, to show the newcomers what it was all about. It’s presently unoccupied but whilst opening it up there was a definite presence of scout bees checking it out.

Due to the Bank Holiday and fine weather the queue to the Steward’s House was too much to bear, so we had to forgo our usual tea & cakes.

Let’s hope the current spell of fine weather gives the bees a chance to make up for lost time.

Thanks to Chris Lobb for the photos

 Simon Kellam. Apiary Manager 


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