Weather : Heavy showers approx. 14 °c

Time : 11am

The weather turned out to be a lot worse than the forecast and hardly ideal for opening up the hives. I had managed to strim around the hives before the heavy rain came. Loads of long grass and wild flowers on the perimeters, providing an ideal setting for the apiary.

Due to the imminent Royal Cornwall Show there were only myself and three others in attendance, Paul & Janet Bright, and their neighbour Donald who is a top bar beekeeper. As it turned out it was an ideal opportunity to discuss various beekeeping husbandry methods, such as converting a National hive to a Rose hive, the pros & cons of top bar hives and the fun in collecting swarms.

All the hives seem to be ticking along nicely but due to the weather it wasn’t appropriate to delve into the hives. After coffee and a chat we had a stroll around the apiary. There was a brief break in the weather and the warmth of the sunshine came through. We had a quick peak inside the tree hive to check progress. The bees were as calm as you like and there was further expansion of the nest, All looking rather good.

I am aiming for the next inspection on Saturday 29th June. Will keep you all posted.

Simon Kellam

Apiary Manager


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